Public Garden App

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Public Garden App is a communication tool for brands and customers to keep in touch with each other in between events.

Features of the app include:

  • Mobile Payment - Customers can make payments cashlessly to brands at the Consumer Trade Show. 
  • Preorder - Customers and brands can communicate and confirm orders prior to the Consumer Trade Show.
  • Digital Event - New products of brands are shared with customers, connecting customers and brands around the world.

When everyone is back in their home city, using Public Garden App is a way to continue to chat and order with each other easily. 

If you have not visited Public Garden before, the app helps you to connect with brands which have participated in Public Garden events. You can order and pay to any brand using the Mobile Payment Feature. The brands will then mail your order to you.

Features for the app are added regularly throughout the year. When a new feature is launched, it will be covered under the News section.

If you are interested to join Public Garden App, please apply to join via the Brand Application Form.