From The Archives, 2011: Beginning

After a long search, we have found a venue we are pleased with.

Old School is the building of the former Methodist Girls School. In 2007, a small group of entrepreneurs banded together, took over this six block property and turned it into a place to share ideas.

It is a place that is open to the public, with old classrooms turned into offices for creative agencies.

Many of the spaces are turned into galleries, as venues to showcase interesting and emerging art.

Housing a diverse mix of artistic establishments, organizations which have settled into Old School include Sinema (a space to screen indie films and local productions), Chalk (classy and sparse restaurant with colonial ambience) and even the Philharmonic Orchestra Society.

It is within Old School that we found a vast, airy and sheltered space which used to be The Hall.

Bringing up memories of boring principal talks, long prize ceremonies, awkward primary school performances and story-telling competitions, this quaint venue is set to be the first home of Public Garden.

From The Archives, 2011: Hello!

With the launch of Public Garden just 20 days away, we decided to start a documentation of our journey to build a Market from scratch.

Apart from our need to document a fresh and exciting moment in our lives, we wanted the website to serve as a source of news about the Market, as well as a way to solicit feedback about the decisions we make as we go along.

If you are wondering what Public Garden is, the idea first took off when our team got to talking about our favourite shopping experiences, we found that all of us delighted in the unknown depths of a market.

While finding gems in other people’s collections thrilled us, we wished that there was a mix of old and new, a collective spirit in the shopping atmosphere.

So, we decided that Public Garden will house the usual stalls of vintage goodness and treasured items to be adopted by someone new, but we pushed the envelope a little more.

We went ahead and approached our favourite independent businesses, designers, creatives and artists.

We want a market with a free-spirited soul.

Our team is ready to receive any feedback you may have. Questions, suggestions and general feedback can be directed to our team at

If you’re a brand looking to join us, please fill up this form.

Thanks for joining us on our countdown to Public Garden, it is very lovely to meet you too.