Public Garden believes in being better together.

One Saturday afternoon in 2011, Public Garden was held for the first time in Singapore. Friends and family gathered to experience something new, with the aim of discovering independent brands.

It was warm, held in the school hall of Old School, and it was fun. 

As everyone had good memories of that afternoon, Public Garden slowly developed into an event with regular frequency.

Along the way, friends from other countries participated in Public Garden, bringing their original designs. 

Currently, Public Garden Consumer Trade Show is held a couple of times a year in a convention hall. There is always something new. 

In between events, brands and customers communicate with each other via Public Garden App. The app allows customers to make payments cashlessly to brands at the event. When everyone is back in their home city, it is a way to continue to chat and order with each other easily. 

Folks of all ages and all walks of life are always welcome at Public Garden. Anyone with an interesting brand concept can apply to join the Consumer Trade Show via the Brand Application Form.

See you at Public Garden!