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Tuesday, 21st October 2014
Evangelione Handmade

Evangelione Handmade has travelled the world to showcase its pretty dolls, who are special, handmade and unique.

These dolls are not designed to be abandoned when a new fad hits or when you outgrow them – they are absolutely keepers, special friends or might even stick around for life. We can't tell you how exactly they are so special but they are art pieces in their own right.

Every one of them look refreshingly different with their outfits. Each pair of rosy cheeks is hand painted, all fabric painstakingly chosen, both for texture as well as visual aesthetic. Cotton, linen, and wool blends are all essential materials.

Evangelione Handmade will be at Public Garden this weekend to showcase its dolls!

We are sure that you've been dying to meet the creator of the dolls and grab all of them off the shelves, so here is your best chance. We will be at TripleOne Somerset Level 16 on Sat 25 – Sun 26 Oct, 1-7PM. Don't be tardy because we don't know when the dolls will sell out.

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