Public Garden operates a market comprising Singapore's best independent businesses and creative individuals. Public Garden is an alternative to big-box retail with a free spirit.
Friday, 1st August 2014

This National Day, we're taking heart in the local entrepreneurs who are making our lives more liveable and enjoyable every day.

Within Public Garden, there are many different vendors and they offer products which span across multiple industries. Working adults can indulge in baked goods, coffee and good cheer. For mummies, we have childrenwear, terrariums to change the look of your home, and vintage plates to serve your guests better.

For the gentlemen, there is a budding scene of menswear accessories which are quietly made by the sincere craftsmen in Singapore which you may not previously be aware of. For children, there are endless possibilities of knitted toys. Even visiting the market and watching other toddlers is itself an adventure for our young friends.

Sincere and friendly service is one of the amazing gifts which Public Garden vendors offer to our shoppers. It stems from the pride they have and the focus to do their best at every market, we can see that in the details of each booth set-up, the way they introduce their designs and the time they take to interact and discuss the items with each shopper.

Kollidea's team is one such vendor, with their beautiful website and intricate photography of their delicate womens' accessories line.

Attracting a crowd of shoppers who are looking for understated accessories, the girly aesthetic never fails to appeal to the everyday woman who is looking to be polished and professional at work.

We highly recommend this mother and daughter team who has been taking part in Public Garden regularly! Do come by if you often accessorize with necklaces and earrings for work. See you on Sat 9 – Sun 10 August, 1-7PM at TripleOne Somerset Level 16!

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